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San Antonio BJJ – Submission Concepts – In House Tournament

We had our first inaugural Submission Concepts In House Tournament.

On April 1, 2023, we had our first in house tournament. This was an amazing experience for all the children to get together, celebrate one another, and compete. A lot of our kids have been dreaming of doing one of the bigger competitions, so having an in house competition allows them to get a taste for competing.

Our children performed better than we expected, and the feeling in the gym was one of great pride from coaches, parents, and children.

If you’re interested in your children joining our team, click for a free pass, come in, and join us!

San Antonio BJJ

San Antonio BJJ

Gym culture matters.

You want to find a BJJ gym that fits you. Here at Submission Concepts, we have a welcoming family that focuses on our lineage and growing together. San Antonio BJJ is such a vast community, that you owe it to yourself to at least TRY Submission Concepts with one of our free passes.

We have everything from Kids BJJ Classes to Night Adult BJJ and Day BJJ classes. We have something that fits everyone.

San Antonio BJJ

Kids BJJ in San Antonio – Competition

San Antonio Kids Jiu Jitsu

This past week our Kids Jiu Jitsu students competed in the NAGA tournament. For some of them, it was their first time competing. The school showed up like a family and supported everyone. It’s so important as a jiu jitsu school in San Antonio to embrace the family aspect of training.

Our kids show up. They worked hard. We were definitely proud.