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Welcome to Submission Concepts!

We offer a 7-Day free trial for all classes. We have adult and children’s classes teaching fundamentals and all skill levels. We are an open and welcoming gym looking to help everyone hone and sharpen their skills. All levels welcomed. Please contact us today.

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Why train here?

Boost your Skills

From beginner to expert, we can all stand to learn more with our craft and become better versions of ourselves.

Mindful Training

While training involves a lot of physical, mental benefits are gained by joining the martial arts. Teaching your kids how to be more mindful. Learn discipline and mindfulness yourself, as well. Allow Submission Concepts to help with that mental growth.

Start From Scratch

When you’re just starting, you want a gym that will make you feel comfortable, allow Submission Concepts to make you feel more at ease with your journey. Coaches and staff will help you take the proper steps to build the proper foundation for starting this new healthy habit.

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Located on Bandera Rd. in Northwest San Antonio


9703 Bandera Road, San Antonio, TX, 78250