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Will takes a light hearted and scientific approach to teaching. At only 32 he has been teaching teams and individuals for 16 plus years. As a young athlete during his competing time, he was in the Sacramento area and has trained and learned from the top teams in that region such as Team Alpha Male, MMA Gold (formerly Overcome Academy), and the retired team known as the “Skrap Pack”. Will humbly recalls how being a part of these teams allowed him to observe and learn during his time there, and to see and utilize effective systems that have helped influence his coaching today. 

Will’s expansion of interest into fitness came more recently in 2012 when he wanted to learn more about the body and how it works. This was coupled with his fascination and passion for nutrition which helped in the desire to always help others. These skills, matched with his unquenchable thirst for knowledge, has led Will to always look for what is best for the person he is training. Whether it is for general fitness, nutrition, athletic nutrition, wrestling, or boxing, he will bring a fun and science driven way to get you on your path

  Name:  Willm Lloyd Aston

Classes:  Boxing, Wrestling, Sambo

Instagram: @willastonfitness

Style:  Combat Sports, Nutrition, and General Fitness


  • Lockhart and Leith Weight Cut Specialist Level 1
  • Boxing University’s, 8 week fight camp, Train to Win
  • Strong Lifting Level 1
  • Primal Kettlebell Course
  • Onnit Academy (Foundations, Durability, Steel Mace Specialist)
  • Box n Burn Academy Level 1

Class Descriptions:  

  • Boxing – The Boxing program is a class with dual purpose. It is for those wanting to learn “the sweet science” and for those wanting to jump into one of the fastest growing fitness trends recently. You start with basic warm-ups that are meant to challenge yourself. Then the class splits into partner groups where you will work on combinations tailored to either work a specific boxing skill, that would be covered right after the warm-up, or a combination just to push your body. This class has been designed for all fitness and skill levels. Required items are: 16oz gloves, handwraps, workout clothes, and no outdoor shoes will be allowed for mat hygiene and sanitation.
  • Wrestling – The wrestling program is for all levels of understanding. First you will start with warm-ups that will challenge most fitness and coordination levels but are at one’s own pace and comfort level. Then you will do partner drills that will help jump start skills needed for the sport of wrestling. Second to last you will have technical instruction that will cover a certain skill, either it be a takedown or a control technique. With this being an MMA school there also be times where cage or wall work will be taught. As well, with the growing of school wrestling programs in the San Antonio area this class will start to cover more Collegiate Wrestling techniques. Items needed are: Workout clothes, wrestling shoes are optional but encouraged.
  • Sambo – Sambo is a Russian combat sport created in the 1920’s but has become more known recently due to athletes like Khabib Nurmagomedov and other fighters from the Dagestan region in Russia. This class is designed not only to promote the sport of Sambo, but it is also to improve other combat athletes’ skills that Sambo is most notable for. This class has parallel tracks of teaching, Combat sambo and Sport sambo. Combat sambo is very similar to MMA in that it involves striking, takedowns, ground fighting, and submissions. Sport sambo focuses on the grappling aspect of takedowns, ground control, and submissions. You will start off class with warm-ups that challenge one’s fitness and coordination while developing skills needed in Sambo. You will then partner off for some review drills. After that there will be some technical instruction followed by Live work and drilling. Those not interested in the live work will be encouraged to get some more skills drilling in.

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