This class will be a merger of takedown and control based combat sports such as Wrestling, Judo, and Sport Sambo (striking and submission aspects of these sports will be avoided as to not take away from classes such as BJJ, MMA, and Combat Sambo).  This class will constantly change and evolve when more efficient way of teaching/communicating are found.  People are encouraged to bring their Gi if they wish to learn those style takedowns but it is not mandatory (unless Gi takedowns are their focus).  Exercise clothes will be needed for regular attendance of class regardless of which style one wishes to learn.  The class will also be open to ages 6 and up, parents will be encouraged to participate in the learning of these sports as long as they do not overstep or interfere with instruction and coaching from Coaching staff.  To repeat this is a class that has to do with takedowns and the improvement and knowledge of skills regularly found in Combat Sports like Wrestling, Judo, and Sport Sambo.

San Antonio Amateur Wrestling