Moo Duk Kwan

MooDukKwan classes are based on the traditional art of TaeKwonDo. Classes are geared to improve the student physically and challenge life skills (Character,  Courage, Discipline, Honor and Respect). Life skills like this are taught and demanded daily in my classroom.  Everyone is respected in the classroom regardless of rank, experience, and age. This is in addition to learning and belting in the art of American MooDukKwan. My staff and I are motivated to lead training that elevates the student at all levels of experience.


Instructor: Master Richard Odoms
Instagram: @odoms313

-American MooDukKwan (children 4-16 yrs old and adults)

-Mixed Martial Arts(all ages)

Background and Experience:

5th Degree (Master) blackbelt American MooDukKwan

-2nd Dan Blackbelt in TangSooDo

-Blue belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu 29 years experience in studying and teaching traditional Martial Arts

Combat Sports Experience:

Professional Boxer 17-2

Professional MMA 14-6

24 years of Combative Sports Experience.

In my classes, I aim to reach whatever fitness goal is desired by the student or parent.

MMA classes are enjoyable for beginners, fighters, or just someone wanting a different way to get some exercise. Classes teach real skills and techniques without the need to put the student in danger of getting injured. All of my classes produce a great workout and everyone works at their own pace. The class is able to be customized to the student. 
I look forward to having the whole family attending my fun and exciting classes. 


Instructor: Angelica Tanguma

Born & Raised: San Antonio, Texas

Instagram: @tanguma17 

Training Specialty/Backrground:

– 2nd degree Blackbelt in American Moodukkwan/Taekwondo.

-Purple belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

-Self Defense coach.

What to expect during a training session:

How to use and control the body during self defense or any training for awareness and confidence in yourself and others around you.

Women's Self-Defense San Antonio Name: Arturo Tanguma    Born & raised: San Antonio , Tx   Instagram: @Arturo.papa.Tanguma   Training specialty: mixed martial arts, taekwondo , jujitsu, wrestling   Taekwondo 1st degree black belt and jujitsu purple belt    What to expect: a fun yet hard working session moving at a speed where you are certain to see results Mixed Martial Arts San Antonio