Tae Kwon Do in San Antonio

At Submission Concepts, we teach a version of Tae Kwon Do known as Moo Duk Kwan. If you’re looking to try Tae Kwon Do in San Antonio, we definitely suggest you give our school a call for a free pass!

Moo Duk Kwan is a martial arts organization that specializes in the practice of taekwondo. It was founded in Korea in 1945 by Hwang Kee, who developed the style based on the principles of Taekkyon, a traditional Korean martial art. The name “Moo Duk Kwan” translates to “School of Martial Virtue.”

Moo Duk Kwan taekwondo is known for its focus on traditional techniques and forms, as well as its emphasis on discipline and respect. It is also known for its use of circular movements, which are intended to evade and neutralize an opponent’s attack. The organization teaches a wide range of techniques including hand strikes, kicks, joint locks, and throws.

Moo Duk Kwan is one of the first and most traditional taekwondo organizations, it is considered the foundation for many of the modern taekwondo styles that exist today. The organization has a ranking system, from beginner to master levels, based on the student’s knowledge and proficiency of the techniques.